Richard Alan Block, "The Right To Do Wrong: Reform Judaism and Abortion", JRJ 28/2 (l981), 3-15. - The author questions the presumed absolute nature of Reform Judaism's approval of therapeutic abortion and identifies several moral considerations that may modify an absolute acceptance of abortion as a valid position in liberal Jewish interpretation of traditional attitudes. (S.M.P.)

Sandra B. Lubarsky, "Judaism and the Justification of Abortion for Non-Medical Reasons", JRJ 31/4 (l984), l-l3. - The author analyzes extra-halakhic assumptions which she contends undergird the rabbinic responsa on abortion and attempts to show that these assumptions are not required by tradition. On this basis it is argued that Judaism permits abortion for both medical and non-medical reasons. (S.M.P.)

Alvin J. Reines, "Reform Judaism, Bioethics, and Abortion", Journal of Reform Judaism 37/1 (1990) 43-59. - The author, who maintains that Reform Judaism is a polydoxy, argues that such a view provides Reform with principles to resolve fundamental moral issues of bioethics and abortion. He contends that upon close examination the views of Orthodox Judaism and Roman Catholicism on, e.g., abortion reflect a diversity which, according to the author, support the Reform position that each individual possess ultimate authority to determine for him or herself if abortion is moral. See also the "Dialogue on Suicide and Abortion", Journal of Reform Judaism 37/4 (1990), 49-58, published in response to the Reines essay. (S.M.P.)

Mark Washofsky, "Abortion, Halacha and Reform Judaism" JRJ 28/4 (l981), 11-19, and the "Response" of Richard Alan Block, ibid., 19-22. - Washofsky asserts that Reform Judaism can call upon traditional legal sources to support a broadly liberal position on therapeutic abortion. Block's response asserts that the liberal position which allows for abortion on demand is not really compatible with traditional legal views. (S.M.P.)



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