G. Braulik, "Zur Abfolge der Gesetze in Deuteronomium 16,18 -21,23. Weitere Beobachtungen", Biblica 69 (1988), 63-92. - This is a sequel to "Die Abfolge der Gesetze in Deuteronomium 12-26 und der Dekalog" (Das Deuteronomium. Entstehung, Gestalt und Botschaft, ed. N. Lohfink, BETL, LXVIII Lowen, 1985, 252-272). It is to be followed by a further Article on Deut. 22-25. The general argument is that the arrangement of the laws in Deuteronomy follows the order of the Decalogue. 12-18 generally corresponds to the first four commandments and 19-25 to the fifth to tenth. Deut. 19:1-21:23 deal with "life" which the people are exhorted to choose and which is promised by the fifth commandment. (R.A.M.)

Zvi A. Steinfeld, "The Order of Halachot in Mishna and Tosefta Horayoth" (Heb.), Proceedings of the Eighth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Division C (Jerusalem: World Union of Jewish Studies, 1982), 9-12.)


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