Phyllis Holman Weisbard and David Schonberg, Jewish Law: Bibliography of Sources and Scholarship in English, Littleton, CO., Fred B. Rothman and Co., 1989, ISBN 0-8377-1350-1, xviii, 558, Price: $57.70 cased. - The categories used in this important bibliography of English-language material are: General Works on Jewish Law, Literary Sources of Jewish Law in English translation, Bibliographies of Jewish Law, Administrative Law (widely interpreted - e.g. an article on "Deuteronomy and the Poor"), Agency, Censorship, Codification, Commercial Law, Conflict of Laws, Copyright, Courts, Criminal Law, Debt and Execution, Evidence, Family Law, Gift, Historical Aspects of Jewish Law (used as a residual category, and covering some 70 pages), Human Rights, Insurance, Intention, Jewish Law in Israel, Jewish Law and Other Legal Systems, Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, Labour Law, Landlord and Tenant, Medical-Legal Issues, Obligations, Penalties, Procedure, Property, Sale, Law of the Sea, Self-Defence, Sources of Law, Status (with a special section on Status of Women), Succession, Torts, Unjust Enrichment, Usury, Laws of War.). Many of these categories overlap with those used in the "Survey of Recent Literature" of The Jewish Law Annual. (B.S.J.)

Nahum Rakover, The Multi-Language Bibliography of Jewish Law, Jerusalem: The Library of Jewish Law, 1990, 871 pp + 39 in Hebrew, np. - Arranged in chapters and sub-sections (alphabetically within the sub-sections), this bibliography is divided into 17 chapters: Foundations and Nature of Halakhah, Sources, Jewish Law in General, Jewish Law in the State of Israel, Comparative Law, Society and Government, Courts and Procedure, Evidence, Contracts, Penal Law, Status of the Individual, Family/Inheritance, Torts, Acquisition and Contract, Various Concepts, Reference Works, Biographies of the Sages. Each one of these chapters is heavily sub-divided, and each item is assigned an individual number (producing 14911 entries), thus allowing the book to be indexed by individual item. (B.S.J.)

D. Wilkenfield, A Bibliography of Israel Law in English and Other European Languages 1972-1979, Jerusalem: The Harry Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law, 1979, Pp. 82, Price: $5.00. - The present bibliography is designed as a supplement to that of Judith Wegner, published by the same Institute in 1972. As the title indicates, it is a bibliography of Israel law, not specifically Jewish law, although there is a brief section (16 items) on Jewish law, most but not all of them dealing with Jewish law in the context of modern Israeli law. The present editor looks forward to regular updating and further improvement in the future, in what is undoubtedly a useful tool for comparative lawyers abroad. Since many of the latter will use the bibliography to order photocopies of individual items, librarians would doubtless be assisted by abandonment of the purely legal convention of restricting the pagination cited to the page number of the beginning of the article. (B.S.J.)


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