During the past decade the publication of volumes in memory of Talmudists and Halakhists has become quite an industry. The format is usually the same: a tribute or series of such; halakhic notes and essays by the departed; halakhic material (previously unpublished) by past masters; halakhic studies by contemporaries. The following list is in alphabetical order of the scholars honoured. (L.J.)

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi Y. Abramsky, ed. J. Bucksbaum. Moriah, Jerusalem: 1978.

Sefer zikaron for Rabbi Amran Blau. ed. Y.A. Linder, M.A. Linder, M.A. Eisenstein, Jerusalem: Bet Maor, 1980.

Zikhron Eliyahu for Rabbi E.M. Bloch (Rosh Yeshivah of Tels-Cleveland), ed. by his pupils, Bene Berak: Netzah, 1983.

Sefer hazikaron Ginze Mo'adim for Rabbi A. Dinkel, ed. by his pupils, Jerusalem, 1986.

Zekher Shlomo for Rabbi S. Goldschtif, ed. J.M. and N. Schneursohn, Jerusalem: Hod, 1983.

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi A.Z. Gurwitz, ed. J. Buckbaum, Jerusalem: Moriah, 1984.

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi Isaac Hunter, ed. J. Bucksbaum, Jerusalem: Makhon Yerushalayim, 1984.

Sefer zikaron even tsiyon for Rabbi Benzion Kahana, ed. by his colleagues at the Hevron Yeshivah, Jerusalem, 1986.

Shiloh Kovets zikaron for Rabbi S.J.L. Medaliah and his son Rabbi Hillel Medaliah, ed. S.J. Sevin, completed by J. Bucksbaum, Jerusalem-Antwerp: Shiloh, 1983.

Shem ushe'erit for Rabbi E.S. Rosenfeld, ed. by his colleagues, Bene Berak, 1985.

Zikhron Shmuel for Rabbi S. Rossofsky (Rosh Yeshivah of Ponievezh), Jerusalem: Horev, 1985.

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi H. Shmulevitz (Rosh Yeshivah of Mir) ed. J. Bucksbaum, Jerusalem: Moriah, 1980.

Zikaron lemoshe for Rabbi M.M.J. Shuvkas (Rosh Yeshivah of Belz), ed. Z.A. Shuvkas, A. Igel, A.Y. Hoffmann, Jerusalem: Haside Belza, 1985.

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi R.B. Sorotzkin, ed. A. Soshanah, Jerusalem: Deror, n.d.

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi M. Swift, ed. J. Bucksbaum, Jerusalem: Moriah, 1986.

Sefer hazikaron for Rabbi J.B. Zolti, ed. J. Bucksbaum, Jerusalem: Moriah, 1987.


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