Michael J. Broyde, "The Establishment of Maternity and Paternity in Jewish and American Law", National Jewish Law Review III (1988),117-158.

I. Divon, "The Obligation of Child-Support in Adoption" (Heb.), Diné Israel 9 (1978-1980), 183-204. - Adoption in the sense that it is understood in Israeli law is not recognized by the halakhah. In terms of an obligation to support the adopted child, however, it would appear that the concept does exist in Jewish law. According to Divon, there is firm halakhic basis for transferring property in order to ground an obligation to support a child in circumstances similar to those of adoption, and adopting parents ought to sign a written obligation to undertake such support in accordance with the provisions of Israeli law. (Y.S.K.)

J. Fleishman, Legal aspects of parent-child relationships in the Bible and the Ancient Near East (Heb.), Ramat-Gan: Bar-Ilan University, l981, Pp. 263; see KS 57/3-4 no. 3030.

A.M. Rabello, "Les Effects Personnels de la Puissance Paternelle en Droit Hébraïque, à travers la Bible et le Talmud", Mélanges à la mémoire de Marcel-Henri Prévost (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1982), 85-101. - This is a French translation of the first Appendix of the author's book, Effetti Personali della "Patria Potestas", of which an account was given in Survey no.742 (JLA V). (B.S.J.)

M. Shawa, "Maintenance of Minor Children in Jewish and Israeli Law" (Heb.), Tel-Aviv University Law Review 7 (1980), 316-344; 583-617. - Under s.3 of the Family Law (Maintenance) Amendment Law 5729-1959, the maintenance of all minor children is governed by the personal law of the party concerned. In the case of Jews resident in Israel, the relevant law is Jewish law. Shawa discusses the father's obligation to maintain his children until the age of fifteen, and the obligation to maintain under the laws of tsedakah (charity). The origin of these obligations, their substance and their scope in the halakhah are examined in the course of the article, and comparisons are drawn with Israeli law. (Y.S.K.)



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