J. Bazak, Ha'anishah hapelilit, darkeyha ve'ikronoteyha, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv: Dvir, l981, Pp. 320; see KS 57/2 no. 2213.

Richard A. Block, "'Death, Thou Shall Die': Reform Judaism and Capital Punishment", JRJ 30/2 (Spring l983), 1-10 - The author argues that although Jewish sources show that one could not say Jewish tradition opposed capital punishment in practice, there is still ample basis in rejecting it. (S.M.P.)

Haim H. Cohn, "Is Hanging a Mode of Execution in Jewish Law?" (Heb.), Proceedings of the Eighth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Division C (Jerusalem: World Union of Jewish Studies, 1982), 19-28.



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