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Jewish Law Association Studies I

The Touro Conference Volume

Edited by B. S. Jackson


1. Yaakov Elman, Red Zadok Hakohen of Lublin on Prophecy in the Halakhic Process

2. David Fink, The Corporate Status of Hekdesh in Early Sefardic Responsa

3. Steven F. Friedell, Jewish Divorce in American Courts: The New York Experience

4. Joseph B. Glaser, A New/Old Look at the Fifth Amendment: Some Help from the Past

5. Alexander Guttmann, Participation of the Common People in Pharisaic and Rabbinic Legislative Processes

6. G. Libson, The Use of a Sacred Object in the Administration of a Judicial Oath

7. David Novak, The Marital Status of Jews Married under Non-Jewish Auspices

8. S. M. Passamaneck, The Use of Excessive Force by a Peace Officer: One Halakhic Opinion

9. Daniela Piattelli, Get and Get Shihrur

10. Nahum Rakover, Coercion in Conjugal Relations

11. Sylvan Jay Schaffer, Dina Demalkhuta Dina

13. Abraham Terian, Some Stock Arguments for the Magnanimity of the Law in Hellenistic Jewish Apologetics


D. Cohn-Sherbok, Problems of Establishing Criteria of Halakhah in Reform Judaism

Jean Jofen, The Jewish Law of Usury as Seen in Elizabethan Literature

Shlomo Riskin, The Moredet: A Study of the Rebellious Wife and her Status in Initiating Divorce in Jewish Law

A. Yuter, The Okhnai Oven and the Law: Talmudic Judaism's Response to Natural Law

ISBN: 0-89130-732-X, Pp. viii + 155, 1985.




Jewish Law Association Studies II

The Jerusalem Conference Volume

Edited by B. S. Jackson

1. Alexander Rofé, Methodological Aspects of the Study of Biblical Law

2. L.E. Goodman, The Biblical Laws of Diet and Sex

3. Lawrence H. Schiffman, Reproof as a Requisite for Punishment in the Law of the Dead Sea Scrolls

4. Albert I. Baumgarten, R. Yohanan and Resh Lakish on Anonymous Mishnayot

5. Dov. I. Frimer, Israel, the Noahide Laws and Maimonides: Jewish-Gentile Legal Relations in Maimonidean Thought

6. Y. Kahana, N. Munk, and M. Slae, Estimating Bodily Damages According to Jewish Law: A Comparative Legal Study

7. D.B. Sinclair, Law and Mortality in Halakhic Bioethics

8. Y. Meron, The Contemporary Encounter between Jewish and Moslem Law


E. J. Wiesenberg, Exogamy or Moloch Worship

S. M. Passamaneck, Shulhan Arukh Hoshen Mishpat 189-240: The Uniformity and Reliability of a Printed Text

M. Drori, The Effect of Modern Techniques of Fertility on Jewish Family Law

Pp. viii + 200, 1986




Jewish Law Association Studies III

The Oxford Conference Volume

Edited by A. M. Fuss

1. Bernard S. Jackson, Some Semiotic Questions for Biblical Law

2. Jacob Bazak, Judicial Ethics in Jewish Law

3. Nahum Rakover, Ethical Standards for Public Servants in Jewish Law

4. Daniela Piattelli, The Fugitive Slave in the Legislation of the Ancient Near East and as Elaborated in Rabbinic Jurisprudence

5. S. M. Passamaneck, Notes on Violence and Combative Behavior in Jewish Law

6. J. David Bleich, Artificial Heart Implantation

7. Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Euthanasia and Reform Judaism

8. David Novak, The Legal Question of the Investigation of Converts

9. Bernard J. Meislin, The Role of the Ten Commandments in American Judicial Decisions

Pp. viii + 209, 1987




Jewish Law Association Studies IV

The Boston Conference Volume

Edited by B. S. Jackson

1. John W. Welch, Chiasmus in Biblical Law: An Approach to the Structure of Legal Texts in the Bible

2. Judith Romney Wegner, Public Man, Private Woman: The Sexuality Factor and the Personal Status of Women in Mishnaic Law

3. Joseph A. Polak, Some Social and Societal Implications of the Laws of Witnesses

4. Arthur Gross Schaefer, Reality of Consent

5. Eberhard Klingenberg, The Roman Imperial Legislation Prohibiting Jews from Owning Gentile Slaves

6. David Novak, Maimonides and the Science of Law

7. S. M. Passamaneck, The Berure Averot and the Administration of Justice in XIII and XIV-Century Spain

8. Daniel B. Sinclair, Conversion to Judaism in the Responsa of Post-Emancipation European Authorities

9. Nahum Rakover, The "Law" and the Noahides

10. Aaron Lichtenstein, Who Cares about the Seven Laws of Noah?: A Status Report

ISBN 1-55540-433-2, Pp. iv + 190, 1990.




Jewish Law Association Studies V

The Halakhic Thought of R. Isaac Herzog

Edited by B. S. Jackson

1. Chaim Herzog, Foreword

2. Shear-Yashuv Cohen, Chief Rabbi Herzog: Master Jurist and Gaon

3. Zorach Warhaftig, Rabbi Herzog and Rabbinic Legislation

4. Dov. I. Frimer, Jewish Law and Science in the Writings of R. Isaac Halevy Herzog

5. Ben Tzion Greenberger, Rabbi Herzog's Proposals for Takkanot: In Matters of Inheritance

6. Ben Tzion Greenberger, Rabbi Isaac Herzog's Theory of Torah and State

ISBN 1-55540-609-2, Pp. 125, 1991.




Jewish Law Association Studies VI

The Jerusalem 1990 Conference Volume

Edited by B. S. Jackson and S. M. Passamaneck

1. Jacob Bazak, Res Judicata and the Authority of Arbitrators and Law Courts to Amend or to Change their Award in Jewish Law

2. Eliezer Ben-Shlomo, The Duty to Save Life in Jewish Law and the Rulings of the Supreme Court of Israel

3. Elchanan H. Blumenthal, Notes on Some Psychological Aspects of Biblical and Rabbinic Jurisprudence

4. Moshe Chigier, Compensation for Loss of Profit Resulting from Breach of Contract in Jewish Law

5. Elliot N. Dorff, A Methodology for Jewish Medical Ethics

6. Mordechai Halperin, The Legal Significance of the Decision of the Chief Rabbinate Council on Heart Transplants in Israel

7. Bernard S. Jackson, Practical Wisdom and Literary Artifice in the Covenant Code

8. Ya'akov Meron, An Eye for an Eye: A Comment

9. S. M. Passamaneck, Reflections on Reasonable Cause in Halakhah

10. Nahum Rakover, Violation of the Law in Order to Preserve it: Gedolah Averah Lishmah

11. Judith Romney Wegner, The Power to Render a Lenient Ruling: "Koah dehetera adif"

12. Eliav Shochetman, Attah Konanta Mesharim: God and King in the Theocratic Jurisprudence of Ancient Israel

ISBN 1-55540-684-X, Pp. 178, 1992.



Jewish Law Association Studies VII

The Paris Conference Volume

Edited by S. M. Passamaneck and M. Finley

1. Michael J. Broyde, Child Custody in Jewish Law: A Pure Analysis

2. Sandra Burman and Sally Frankenthal, A Socio-Legal Study of Mamzerut in a South African City

3. Shear Yashuv Cohen, The Judiciary and Exegetical Approaches of Rashi and Maimonides

4. Michael Corinaldi, Conversion of Minors

5. Arnold Enker, Mistake of Law and Ignorance of Law in Jewish Criminal Law

6. Ze'ev W. Falk, Religion and State: The Israeli Experience

7. Abraham M. Fuss, A Question of "Comity" in Rabbinic Law

8. Bernard S. Jackson, The Prophet and the Law in Early Judaism and the New Testament

9. Ya'akov Meron, Rashi Today

10. David Novak, Is There a Concept of Individual Rights in Jewish Law?

11. Stephen M. Passamaneck, R. Judah b. Asher on Capital Penalties

12. Joseph A. Polak, Forgiving the Germans: Paradigms and Dialectics from Halakhah

13. Nahum Rakover, Self-Defence and "Necessity"

14. Harry Reicher, The Interface of Halakhah and the Secular Legal System:The Australian Experience

15. Joseph Rivlin, The Formularies in Jewish Documents: Ethics and Law

16. Elimelech Westreich, Legal Reasoning in Jewish Law: The Case of the Melamed

17. Peter S. Zaas, Paul and the Halakhah: Dietary Laws for Gentiles in I Corinthians

ISBN 1-55540-899-0, Pp. viii + 245, 1994.




Jewish Law Association Studies VIII

The Jerusalem 1994 Conference Volume

Edited by E.A. Goldman

1. Jacob Bazak, The Legal Status of the Fetus in Jewish Halacha and in Israeli Law

2. Miriam Ben Zeev, Did the Jews Enjoy a Priviledged Position in the Roman World?

3. Michael J. Broyde, Assisting in a Violation of Noachide Law

4. Seymour J. Cohen, The United States Constitution and the Jewish Community:The Recalcitrant Husband and the Chained Woman (Agunah)

5. Shear-Yashuv Cohen, The Halachic and Legal Aspects of Enforcement of Divorce in Israel (An Abstract)

6. Michael Corinaldi, Continuing Apostasy According to Halacha and the Law of Return

7. Peter J. Haas, The Emergence of Rabbinic Legal Rhetoric: The Sheelot Utheshuvot Genre

8. Moshe Ish-Horowicz, Righteousness (Tsedek) and its Significance in Judaism

9. Eberhard Klingenberg, Justinian's Novellae Concerning the Jews

10. Stephen M. Passamaneck, Halacha, Law Enforcement and the Modern World

11. Nahum Rakover, The One vs. the Many in Life and Death Situations

12. Joseph Rivlin, The Power of a Promissory Note is Greater then the Force of Legislation

13 Meir Seidler, Isaac Breuer's Concept of Law

14 Daniel Sinclair, Patients Self-Determination and Advance Directives

15 Hannah G. Sprecher, Diabolus Ex-Machina: An Unusual Case of Yuhasin

16 David A. Thomas, Instructive Comparisons Between Jewish and Anglo-American Land Law

17 Peter S. Zaas, What Comes Out of a Person Is What Makes a Person impure: Jesus as Sadducee

ISBN 0-7885-0155-0, Pp. viii + 226, 1996.




Jewish Law Association Studies IX

The London 1996 Conference Volume

Edited by E.A. Goldman

1. Jacob Bazak, People Usually Don't Watch Their Steps on the Roads

2. Leah Bornstein-Makovetsky, Rabbinic Scholarship: The Development of Halakhah in Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, 1750-1900

3. David M. Cobin, Jews and the Medieval Slave Trade: The Law and its Historical Context

4. Elliot N. Dorff, "Legislated Spiritual Disciplines:" Jacob Agus' Philosophy of Jewish Law

5. Hillel Gamoran, The Tosefta in Light of the Law Against Usury

6. Ben Tzion Greenberger, Mental Capacity and the Deathbed Will

7. Moshe Ish-Horowicz, The Problem of Iggun and its Solutions

8. Jonathan M. Lewis, Insolvency in Jewish Law

9. David Novak, Parental Rights in the Marriage of a Minor

10. Stephen M. Passamaneck, Remarks on Pesquisa in Medieval Jewish Legal Procedure

11. Chaim Poversky, The Law of the Pursuer and the Assassination of Prime Minister Rabin

12. Laurence J. Rabinovich, Hidden Interest and Risk Management in Sixteenth-Century Mediterranean Commerce

13. Nahum Rakover, Preventing Apostasy by Violating the Sabbath

14. Yosef Rivlin, Consecutive Gifts

15. Jeffrey I. Roth, Inheriting the Crown in Jewish Law: The Question of Rabbinic Succession

16. Daniel B. Sinclair, Genetics and Jewish Law

17. Hannah Geldwerth-Sprecher & Stanley Sprecher, Refusing the Milk of Human Kindness

18. Peter Zaas, The (Double) Vision of the Divine Picnic (Acts 10:1- 11:18): The History of New Testament Kashrut III

ISBN 0-7885-0418-5, Pp. viii + 301, 1997.




Jewish Law Association Studies X

The Jerusalem 1998 Conference Volume

Edited by H.G. Sprecher

1. Jacob Bazak, Is A Consequence Considered "Intended," When It Is Foreseen As Highly Probable?: A Comparative Study in Halakha and in Modern Criminal Law

2. Yehuda Cohen, The Foundation of Law Act

3. Herbert Druks, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press and Henry Ford

4. Jonathan Fisher, Prohibitions Against Fraudulent Conduct in Jewish Law

5. Aharon Gaimani, The Rabbinical Court of Sa'da in Northern Yemen

6. Arthur Gross Schaefer, Illegal Agreements: Does the Clean Hands Doctrine Really Make Sense?

7. Rivka Katz, Justice, Law and Morality

8. Ron Klainman, Conflicts of Interest of Public Officials in Jewish Law: Prohibitions, Scope and Limitations

9. Leah Bornstein Makovetsky, The Va'ad Berurei Averot as a Judicial Body in Christian Spain and the Ottoman Empire

10. Stephen M. Passamaneck, Ancient Traces of Investigative Profiling

11. Chaim Povarsky, The Land for Peace Treaty Between Israel and the Palestinians

12. Nahum Rakover, Cloning: Usurping the Creator?

13. Steven H. Resnicoff, Helping a Client Violate Jewish Law: A Jewish Lawyer's Dilemma

14. Yosef Rivlin, Halitzah Stipulations in Engagement Contracts

15. Samuel Wolfman, Legal Aspects of Epilepsy in the Halakha: In Torah Transgressions, in Legal Competence Matters and Matrimonial Matters

16. Peter Zaas & Mary Meany, Adhuc Rarissimus Emptor: A Final Stage of Early Christian Kashrut


Moshe Ish-Horowicz, Halakha Versus Aggadah (Jewish Law Versus Equity)

Osman Zumrut, Influence of Mosaic Law on the Islamic Law

ISBN 1-586840-28-2, Pp. x + 282, 2000.




Jewish Law Association Studies XI

Law, Judicial Policy and Jewish Identity in the State of Israel

Edited by Daniel B. Sinclair

1. Daniel B. Sinclair, Introduction

2. Amnon Rubinstein, The State of Israel as a Jewish State

3. Z. Warhaftig, Who is a Jew?

4. Beresford v. Minister of the Interior

5. Pinhas Shifman, On Conversions Not in Accordance with Halakhah

6. Asher Maoz, Who is a Jew? Much Ado About Nothing

7. Miller v. Minister of the Interior

8. Shas v. Director of the Population Authority

9. Pessaro (Goldstein) v. Minister of the Interior

10. Avraham Shapira, Establishing the Jewish Identity of a New Immigrant for Marriage Purposes

Index of Sources

ISBN 1-586840-89-4, Pp. x + 240, 2000.




Jewish Law Association Studies XII

The Zutphen Conference Volume

Edited by H. Gamoran

1. Jacob Bazak, Compromise vs. Adjudication in Jewish Law

2. J. David Bleich, Constructive Agency in Religious Divorce: An Examination of Get Zikkuy

3. Sherman L. Cohn, Teaching Jewish Law in a Secular American Law School

4. Jonathan Fisher, Entrapment in Jewish Law

5. Joseph Fleishman, A Father's Versus a Husband's Authority to Annul a Vow (Numbers 30:4-17)

6. Hillel Gamoran, Lending - No, Investing - Yes: Development of the Iska Law from the 12th to the 15th Centuries

7. Moshe Ish-Horowicz, Some Aspects of Theodicy: The Flood and the Holocaust

8. Bernard S. Jackson, Moredet: Problems of History and Authority

9. Stephen M. Passamaneck, The Shoter

10. Nahum Rakover, Should Transgression Disqualify One from Public Office?

11. Steven H. Resnicoff, Jewish Fraudulent Transfer Law

12. Yosef Rivlin, Incarceration for Non-Payment of Debts

13. Elimelech Westreich, The Rise and Decline of the Law of the Rebellious Wife in Medieval Jewish Law

14. Samuel Wolfman, Mental Disease in Divorce Law in the Responsa Literature and in Rabbinical Court Rulings in Israel

ISBN 1-58684-180-7, 2002, Pp. x + 252.




Jewish Law Association Studies XIII

Jewish Family Law in Israel

Edited by M.D.A. Freeman

Michael Freeman, Introduction

Pinhas Shifman, Civil Marriage in Israel: The Case for Reform

Eliav Shochetman, On the Introduction of Civil Marriage in the State of Israel

Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Expressions of Legal Pluralism in Israel:The Interaction Between the High Court of Justice and Rabbinical Courts in Family Matters and Beyond

Michael Corinaldi, The Remedy of Temporary Separation between Husband and Wife, as Reflected in the Decisions of Rabbinical Courts

Menashe Shawa, Maintenance of Minor Children in Jewish and Positive Law

She'ar-Yashuv Cohen, A Violent and Recalcitrant Husband's Obligation to Pay Ketubah and Maintenance

Index of Sources

ISBN 1-58684-183-1, 2002, Pp. ix + 373




Jewish Law Association Studies XIV

The Jerusalem 2002 Conference Volume

Edited by Hillel Gamoran

1. Aaron Kirschenbaum, Teaching and Researching Jewish Law in Israeli Law Schools (Presidential Address)

2. Jacob Bazak, The Element of Intention in the Performance of Mitsvot Compared to the Element of Intention in Current Criminal Law

3. Leah Bornstein-Makovetsky, The Halakhic Decisions of the Sages of Aleppo During the 16th-18th Centuries

4. David Elgavish, Extradition of Fugitives in International Relations in the Ancient Near East

5. Joseph Fleishman, Exodus 22:15-16 and Deuteronomy 22:28-29 - Seduction and Rape? Or Elopement and Abduction Marriage?

6. Aharon Gaimani, Between the Aden and Sana Rabbinical Courts: On a Nineteenth Century Inheritance Dispute

7. Hillel Gamoran, How the Rishonim Met the Clash Between Credit Sales and the Law Against Usury

8. Michael Hellinger, The Emerging Definition of the Poverty Line in Jewish Law

9. Bernard S. Jackson, Some Reflections on Family Law in the Papyri

10. Ya'akov Meron, Dower in Moslem and Jewish Law

11. Joseph A. Polak, Some Aspects of the Appearance of Impropriety (Mar'it Ayin) in Jewish Law

12. Laurence J. Rabinovich, Utilizing Business Records to Prove a Claim: Empiricism, Rationalism and the Rules of Evidence

13. Nahum Rakover, Privacy: Injury Caused by Unwanted Observation (Hezek Re'iyah)

14. Yosef Rivlin, The Evolution of the Clause for Fines in Jewish Legal Contracts

15. Elimelech Westreich, A Western View of Eastern Marriage: Comments on the Nusrat Shaulian v Sultana Shaulian Decision

ISBN 1-58684-099-1, 2003, Pp. vi + 282



Jewish Law Association Studies XV

Jewish Biomedical Law

Edited by Daniel B. Sinclair



Feticide: The Position of the Jewish Tradition Compared with the Positions of Other Cultures (MOSHE WEINFELD)

The Modern Halakhic Debate Concerning the Abortion of a Fetus Suffering from Tay Sachs Disease: Extracts from the Responsa Penal Law, 5737-1977, s.316


The Legal Status of a Child Born by Artificial Reproductive Techniques Involving Sperm Donation or Egg Donation (MICHAEL CORINALDI)

D. Nahmani v. R. Nahmani et al.

Agreements Relating to the Carrying of Embryos (Approval of the Agreement and the Status of the Offspring) Law, 5756-1996, s.2


Cloning of Humans: Scientific, Ethical and Jewish Aspects (ABRAHAM STEINBERG)

Prohibition on Genetic Intervention (Cloning and Germ Line Genetic Therapy) Law, 5759-1999 (amended 5764-2004)


Yosef Kurtam v. State of Israel

Patient's Rights Law, 1996, s.15(2)

The Obligation to Heal and Patient Autonomy in Jewish Law, with Some

Comparative Reference to the Common Law (DANIEL B. SINCLAIR)


Belker v. State of Israel

Determining the Time of Death (A. STEINBERG)


Yael Shefer (a Minor) by her Mother and Natural Guardian, Talila Shefer v. State of Israel

The Report and Draft Law of the Committee Concerning the Terminally Ill Patient (Steinberg Committee), 2002 (DANIEL B. SINCLAIR)


Donation of Bone Marrow: Halakhic Aspects (Rav NAFTALI BAR ILAN)


The Sale of Organs for Transplantation (Rabbi I.M. LAU)

ISBN 1-58684-261-7, 2005, Pp. x + 305




Jewish Law Association Studies XVI

The Boston 2004 Conference Volume

Edited by Elliot Dorff

1. Michael J. Broyde, Military Ethics in Jewish Law

2. Jonathan Burnside, Rethinking 'Sexual' offences in Biblical Law: the Literary Structure of Leviticus 20

3. Elliot N. Dorff, Theories of Jewish Law and Movement Borders

4. David Elgavish, Ya'el, Wife of Heber the Kenite, in Biblical Perspective

5. Bernard S. Jackson, Human Law and Divine Justice in the Methodological Maze of the Mishpatim

6. Ron S. Kleinman, Delivery of Keys (Traditio Clavium) as a Mode of Acquisition: Between Jewish and Roman Law

7. Leonard R. Levy, Alfasi, Sugyan and the Authority of the Stam

8. Laurence J. Rabinovich, The Judge As Educator?: Codes, Commentaries and Court Decisions

9. Steven H. Resnicoff, Keeping One's Word in Commercial and Non-Commercial Contexts

10. Yosef Rivlin, Moda'ah and Bittul Moda'ah (Notification and its Cancellation) in Jewish Law

11. Avinoam Rosenak, Ritual, Halakhah and Culture: On the Indispensability of Norms

12. Haim Shapira, The Law of the Pursuer (Rodef) and the Source of Self-Defense: An Analysis of the Talmudic Sources

13. Itamar Warhaftig, Contract Laws: Religious Law or Social Law?

14. Michael Wygoda, Organ Selling, Jewish Law and Israeli Law

15. Peter S. Zaas, Spiritus Ex Machina. Jewish Legal Aspects of the Matthean Birth Narrative

ISBN 978-0-9528938-5-1 (hardback), 978-0-9528938-6-8 (paperback), 2007, Pp. vi + 302.




Jewish Law Association Studies XVII

Studies in Mediaeval Halakhah in honor of Stephen M. Passamaneck

Edited by Alyssa Gray and Bernard Jackson

1. Dvora E. WEISBERG, Dr Stephen Passamaneck: An Appreciation

2. Judith BASKIN, Male Piety, Female Bodies: Men, Women, and Ritual Immersion in Medieval Ashkenaz

3. Leah BORNSTEIN-MAKOVETSKY, The Attitude of Jewish Scholars to Jewish Conversion to Islam and Christianity during the Last Century of the Ottoman Empire

4. Michael CHERNICK, Polysemous Sugyot as a Source of Rishonic Debates about Normative Halakhah

5. David ELLENSON, The Talmudic Principle, If One Come Forth to Slay You, Forestall by Slaying Him in Israeli Public Policy: A Responsum by Rabbi Hayyim David Halevi

6. Yaakov ELMAN, The Socioeconomics of Babylonian Heresy

7. Abraham M. FUSS, Duress and Moda'ah in the Law of Sales

8. Aharon GAIMANI, Rabbi Yitsak Alfasi in the literature of Yemenite Jews

9. Hillel GAMORAN, From R. Judah bar Ilai to the Heter Iska

10. Alyssa GRAY, Married Women and Tsedaqah in Medieval Jewish Law: Gender and the Discourse of Legal Obligation

11. Bernard S. JACKSON, Medieval Halakhah - Reflections on Periodization and the Problem of the Agunah

12. Aaron D. PANKEN, Revealing Rabbinic Revision: Meikara as a Marker for Legal Change in Talmud Bavli    

13. Yosef RIVLIN, Ethics and Law in Maimonides' Rulings   

14. Mark WASHOFSKY, On the Absence of Method in Jewish Bioethics: Rabbi Yehezkel Landau on Autopsy

15. Elimelech WESTREICH, Historical Landmarks in the Tradition of Moroccan Jewish Family Law: The Case of Levirate Marriages

ISBN 978-0-9528938-7-5 (hardback), 978-0-9528938-8-2 (paperback), 2007, Pp. vi + 322. 




Jewish Law Association Studies XVIII

The Bar-Ilan Conference Volume

Edited by Joseph Fleishman

1. Tsevi E. TAL, Hebrew Law in the Courts of Israel

2. Jacob BAZAK, An Unsuccessful Attempt to Commit a Crime

3. Leah BORNSTEIN-MAKOVETSKY, Blood Money and Retaliation in Criminal Law in the Ottoman Empire in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries as Found in Jewish Society

4. David ELGAVISH, Justification for War in the Ancient Near East and the Bible

5. Joseph FLEISHMAN, The Husband's Sin and Punishment of Deuteronomy 22:18-19 in early Jewish Law

6. Israel Zvi GILAT, The Renewed Insights of the UN Convention on Children's Rights: The Renaissance of Ancient Jewish Law

7. Aharon KAMPINSKY, The Rise and Fall of the 'War Get' Suggestion in the Early Days of the IDF      

8. Aaron KIRSCHENBAUM, Jewish Penology: Unanswered Questions

9. Madeline KOCHEN, 'It Was Not For Naught That They Called It Hekdesh': Divine Ownership and the Medieval Charitable Foundation

10. Gail LABOVITZ, Assent to Ascent: Halakhic Negotiations of Exile, Marriage, and Gender

11  Yehezkel MARGALIT, On The Dispositive Foundations of the Obligation of Spousal Conjugal Relations in Jewish Law

12. Steven H. RESNICOFF, May Plaintiffs Enjoy a Double Recovery? A Comparison of American and Jewish Law

13. Yosef RIVLIN, Contracts and Legislation in Jewish Law: Interrelations

14. Abraham Ofir SHEMESH, Food Deceptions and Falsification in the Ancient Food Industry and their Legal Ramifications According to Rabbinical Literature

15. Yair SHIBER, Disqualification of Witnesses because of Kinship - its Evolution and Effect on Validity of Marriages

16. Yuval SINAI, Arbitration as an Ideal Judicial Procedure

17. Michael WYGODA, Floating Charge on an Individual's AssetsMarriages

ISBN 978-1-906731-00-7 (hardback), 978-1-906731-01-4 (paperback), 2008, Pp. vi + 303.




Jewish Law Association Studies XIX

Jewish Commercial Law. Essays in Memory of George Webber

Edited by Jonathan Cohen

1: Jonathan COHEN, Introduction

2: Itshak BRAND, Business in Intangibles - From Philosophy to Law (translated from Shenaton ha-Mishpat Ha-Ivri XXI (2000), 71-122).

3: Ben-Zion ELIASH, Non-Monetary Loans - Tradition and Innovation in the Geonic Period (translated from DinŽ Israel 18 (1995-96), 205-253)

4: Ron KLEINMAN, The Power of Monetary Customs to Override the Law: On the Innovative Approach of Rabbi Isaac and Alfasi his Influence on Medieval Spanish Rabbis

5: Yehoshua LIEBERMANN, Market Failure and Judicial: Failure A Jewish Law Perspective (translated from DinŽ Israel 18 (1995-96), 145-173).

6: Berachyahu LIFSHITZ, Collecting from the Guarantor where Collecting from the Debtor is Impossible (translated from Shenaton Ha-Mishpat Ha-Ivri XVI-XVII (1991), 243-288

7: Joseph RIVLIN, On Economics and Halakhah - The Mortgage and the Resale (translated from DinŽ Israel 20-21 (2001), 353-395)

8: Elimelech WESTREICH, Elements of Negotiability in Talmudic and Gaonic Times

ISBN 978-1-906731-02-1 (hardback), 978-1-906731-03-8 (paperback), 2009, Pp. viii + 275.




Jewish Law Association Studies XX

The Manchester Conference Volume

Edited by Leib Moscovitz

1: Michael J. BROYDE, A Proposed Tripartite Agreement to Solve Some of the Agunah Problems: A Solution Without Any Innovation

2: Elliot N. DORFF, Jewish Law in the Conservative / Masorti Movement Since 1970

3: Joseph FLEISHMAN, Legitimate Circumstances Allowing a Person to Sell his Daughter into Slavery

4: Ilan FUCHS, 'Sephardic' Halakhah? The Attitude of Sephardic Decisors to Women's Torah Study: A Test Case

5: Hillel GAMORAN, Should a Penalty for Late Payment be Forbidden as Interest?

6:Israel Zvi GILAT, 'Conquest By War': Influences on Personal Status

7: Aviad Yehiel HOLLANDER, The Relationship Between Halakhic Decisors and their Peers as a Determining Factor in the Acceptance of their Decisions A Step in Understanding Interpeer Effects in Halakhic Discourse

8: Yehiel LASH, Resolving Legal Problems Using Lots

9: Yehezkel MARGALIT, Freedom of Contract in Halakhic Family Law? A Comparison of the Babylonian Talmud and the Palestinian Talmud

10: Laurence J. RABINOVICH, Rashi's Metrology: Money, Coins and Currency from Cologne, Constantinople and the Classical Past

11: Steven H. RESNICOFF, Da'at Torah and Censorship

12: Yitzchak Avi RONESS, Halakhah, Ideology and Interpretation: Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli on the Status of Defensive War

13: Avinoam ROSENAK, Halakhah as Education: Philosophical and Halakhic Trends Within the Conservative Movement

14: Abraham Ofir SHEMESH, Penalties for Canine Damages as Reflected in Jewish Law

15: Yuval SINAI, Coercion of a Get as a Solution for the Problem of Agunah

16: Daniel SINCLAIR, Feticide, Cannibalism, Nudity and Extra-Legal Sanctions: Elements of Natural Law in Three 19th 20th Century Halakhists

17: Itamar WARHAFTIG, Torah and Democracy

18: Avishalom WESTREICH, Umdena as a Ground for Marriage Annulment: Between Mistaken Transaction (Kiddushei Ta'ut) and Terminative Condition

19: Shai WOZNER, On the Duty to Obey the Law in Halakhic Thought: Reflections on the Thesis of R. Shimon Shkop

20: Michael WYGODA, The Legitimacy of Majority Decisions in Criminal Trials

ISBN 978-1-906731-04-5 (hardback), 978-1-906731-05-2 (paperback), 2010, Pp. viii + 370.




Jewish Law Association Studies XXI

Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State

Edited by Asher Maoz

The State of Israel was established as a Jewish and democratic State. It has further been defined as such in its Basic Laws. This definition aroused much controversy in the political as well as the legal and rabbinical communities as to whether a state could be both Jewish and democratic. Opinions expressed ranged from the statement that a Jewish State could be anything but democratic to the declaration that a Jewish State could be nothing but democratic. There is extensive literature on this issue in Hebrew, by leading Israeli judges, Rabbis and jurists. It is the aim of this book to expose the English reader to this controversy, which involves a central issue in state-religion relations and should therefore be of interest to legal scholars, political and social scientists, and researchers in religions.

1: Asher Maoz, Introduction (downloadable)

2: Aharon Barak, The Values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State

3: Haim Cohn, z'l, The Values of a Jewish and Democratic State. Studies on the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty

4: Menachem Elon, Constitution by Legislation: The Values of a Jewish and Democratic State in the light of Basic Law: Human Dignity and Personal Freedom

5: Ruth Gavison, Can Israel be both a Jewish and Democratic State?

6: Asher Maoz, The Values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State

7: Ariel Rosen-Zvi, z'l, "A Jewish and Democratic State": Spiritual Parenthood, Alienation and Symbiosis — Can we Square the Circle?

8: Aviad Hacohen, From 'Juden Shtetl' (Jewish Village) to 'Juden Staat' (Jewish State): Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State: Theory and Practice

9: Aharon Lichtenstein, Interaction between Judaism and Democracy?

ISBN 978-1-906731-09-0 (hardback), 978-1-906731-10-6 (paperback), 2010, Pp. viii + 321.




Jewish Law Association Studies XXII

"Wisdom and Understanding". Studies in Jewish Law in Honour of Bernard S. Jackson

Edited by Leib Moscovitz and Yosef Rivlin


1: Michael BROYDE, Women Receiving Aliyot?:  A Short Halakhic Analysis

2: Jonathan BURNSIDE and Michael NAUGHTON, Semiotics, Miscarriages of Justice and the Trials of Jesus

3: Elliot DORFF, Biblical Law and Rabbinic Precedent in Hard Cases: The Example of Homosexual Relations in Conservative/Masorti Halakhah

4: Joseph FLEISHMAN, The Accused Bride in Deuteronomy 22:13-21 in the Light of Early Jewish Law

5: Hillel GAMORAN, The Prozbul: Accommodation to Reality

6: Israel Zvi GILAT, Are the Halakhic Commandments of "Father to Son" a Numerus Clausus?

7: Aaron KIRSCHENBAUM, The Role of Discretion in Applying Punishment in Jewish Judicial Procedure

8: Donna C. LITMAN and Steven H. RESNICOFF, Jewish and American Inheritance Law: Commonalities, Clashes, and Estate Planning Consequences

9: Leib MOSCOVITZ, "We May Not Infer Civil Law from Ritual Law": Some Observations on the Internal Unity of Rabbinic Law

10: Stephen M. PASSAMANECK, Retracing Traces of Rabbinical Maritime Law and Custom

11: Yosef RIVLIN, Some New Suggestions for Reforming the Israeli Law of Succession in the Light of Jewish Law: a Short Halakhic Analysis

12: Avinoam ROSENAK, Theory and Praxis in Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady: The Tanya and Shulhan 'Arukh HaRav

13: Daniel SINCLAIR, Fictitious Retractions and False Attributions: The Balance Between Truth and Falsehood in Halakhic Discourse

14: Elimelekh WESTREICH, Jewish Judicial Autonomy in Nineteenth Century Jerusalem: Background, Jurisdiction, Structure

15: Zvi ZOHAR, Teleological Decision-Making in Halakhah: Empirical Examples and General Principles

ISBN 978-1-906731-17-5 (hardback), 978-1-906731-18-2 (paperback), 2012, Pp. x + 362.




Jewish Law Association Studies XXIII

The Fordham Conference Volume

Edited by Daniel B. Sinclair and Larry Rabinovich

Editors Introduction

1: Aryeh AMIHAY, Intentionality and the 'High Hand' in the Pentateuch and the Dead Sea Scrolls

2: Michael BARIS, Maimonides on Testimony in Agunah and Divorce: Epistemic Implications

3: Amy BIRKAN, Mlw(l d(wm Md): Causation and Responsibility in BK 26a-27a

4: Calum CARMICHAEL: The Suspected Adulteress and the Nazarite (Numbers 5:11-6:1-21)

5: Aviad HACOHEN, The Principle of Proportionality and its Reflections in Israeli and Jewish Law

6: Bernard S. JACKSON, Jewish Law and State Law: "Transformative Accommodation" and the JFS Case in England

7: Ron S. KLEINMAN, Do the Parties to a Contract Need Actual Knowledge of Civil Laws or Commercial Practices in Order for these Laws or Practices to Function as Valid Customs in Jewish Law?

8: Gail LABOVITZ, By Any Other Name? Kiddushin, Same-Sex Relationships, and Halakhic Discourse in the Liberal Movements

9: Ruth LAMDAN, The Jewish Community of Jerusalem according to Seventeenth Century Hebrew Legal Documents

10: Rachel LEVMORE, "The Agreement for Mutual Respect": The Workings of a Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal as a Halakhic Autonomous Tool

11: Leah Bornstein-MAKOVETSKY, Resolution of Inheritance Cases of Jews and Jewish Converts to Christianity in Consular Courts in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th Century

12: Jonathan S. MILGRAM, Prolegomenon to a New Study of Rabbinic Inheritance Law, on the Fiftieth Anniversary of Reuven Yaron's Gifts in Contemplation of Death

13: Amihai RADZYNER, Annulment of Divorce in Israeli Rabbinical Courts

14: Paul SHRELL-FOX, "Those who 'Play' with Children Delay the Coming of Mashiah"

15: Daniel B. SINCLAIR, Autonomy in Matters of Life and Death and the Withdrawal of Life-Support in the Responsa of R. Moses Feinstein

16: Agunah: The Manchester Analysis. Summary Report

ISBN 978-1-906731-23-6 (hardback), 978-1-906731-24-3 (paperback), 2012, Pp. viii + 323.




Jewish Law Association Studies XXIV

The Netanya Conference Volume

Edited by Yuval Sinai

Editor's Introduction

1: Michael BARIS, Norms of Doubt: A Maimonidean Perspective on the Threshold of Doubt (1-10)

2: Michael J. BROYDE and Steven S. WEINER, Understanding Rights in Context: Freedom of Contract or Freedom From Contract? A Comparison of the Various Jewish and American Traditions (11-27)

3: Amichai COHEN, Right of First Refusal and the Free-Market Economy – Are They Compatible? (28-47)

4: Yitshak COHEN, The Rabbinic Decisors and the Halakhic Material in the Or Sameah (48-74)

5: Elliot N. DORFF, A Case On the Border Between Jewish Law and Morality: Violent and Defamatory Video Games (75-99)

6: Steven F. FRIEDELL, The Role of Jewish Law in a Secular State (100-110)

7: Yossi GREEN, Fertility Technologies and Illegitimacy (Mamzerut) (111-133)

8: Aaron KIRSCHENBAUM, Post-Punishment Penalization in Jewish Law and Lore: Punishment Added to Criminal Convictions (134-141)

9: Yehiel LASH, The Attitudes of Halakhic Decisors to the Legal Validity of Casting Lots (142-158)

10: Itay LIPSCHUTZ, The "Eyni Yode'a" Judge According to Rambam's View (159-175)

11: Aaron ORENSTEIN, Damage Valuation of Reparable Damage – Between Jewish Law and Israeli Law (176-196)

12: Daniela PIATTELLI, Public and Private Archives of the Jewish Communities Living Under Roman Administration (197-205)

13: Yitzchak Avi RONESS, Interpretation, Political Ideology and the Re-Establishment of Jewish Laws of State: R. Shaul Yisraeli On Securing the Release of Prisoners of War (206-220)

14: Avinoam ROSENAK, Theory and Praxis: Talmud Torah as a Case Study (221-246)

15: Ya'akov SHAPIRA, Compulsion in the Commandment of Honoring One's Father and Mother and its Relation to a Child's Duty to Support his Parents (247-261)

16: Abraham Ofir SHEMESH, The "French Disease" as a Cause for Enforcing Divorce in Rabbinical Discussions in Recent Centuries (262-277)

17: Ari Marcelo SOLON, The Enem Case – Religious Rights and Public Exams (278-283)

18: Michael WYGODA, The State's Liability in Torts (284-302)

ISBN 978-1-906731-25-0 (hardback), 978-1-906731-26-7 (paperback), 2013, Pp. viii + 302.




Jewish Law Association Studies XXV (Download Abstracts)

Jewish Law and its Interaction with Other Legal Systems

Edited by Christine Hayes and Amos Israel-Vleeschhouwer

Editor's Introduction by Christine Hayes (viii-xiv)

1: Amos ISRAEL-VLEESCHHOUWER, Systemic, Dynamic and Complex analyses of the Interaction of Jewish and Other Legal Systems (1-29)

2: Leah BORNSTEIN-MAKOVETSKY, Adultery and Punishment among Jews in the Ottoman Empire (30-50)

3: Lea JACOBSEN, A Mother's Legal Authority over her Offspring's Marriage in the Ancient Near East and the Bible (51-104)

4:    Ruth LAMDAN, Jewish Encounters in Muslim Courts: The Ottoman Empire, 16th-17th Centuries (105-119)

5: Donna LITMAN, Rules of Statutory Construction for Biblical and American Laws – A Comparative Analysis (120-175)

6: Avinoam ROSENAK, Jewish law as Staging Directions (176-224)

7: Chaim SAIMAN, Talmudic Analytics and Ethical Thought: A study of the Jewish law of the Worker's Wages as an argument for Neo-Lamdanut (225-261)

8: Shana Strauch SCHICK, Reading Aristotle in Mahoza?: Actions and Intentions in Rava's Jurisprudence (262-291)

9: Yaakov SHAPIRA, Couples' Place of Residence and the dispute of Rabbenu Tam and the Maharam: Society, Religion and Halakhah (292-327)

10: Daniel SINCLAIR, Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of the Divine Name) and Some Aspects of the Halakhic Turn to Non-Jewish Standards in Ritual Law and Morality in the Modern Period (328-359)

ISBN 978-1-906731-27-4 (hardback), 978-1-906731-28-1 (paperback), 2014, Pp. xiv + 359




Jewish Law Association Studies XXVI Download Abstracts

Jewish Law and Academic Discipline. Contributions from Europe

Edited by Elisha Ancselovits and George R. Wilkes

Editors’ Introduction (vii-xi)

Section One: Jewish Law as the Law of a Minority

1: Hendrik PEKÁREK, The Law on Circumcision in Germany (1-21)

2: Stephan WENDEHORST, In and Out of Ecclesiastical Law: On the Emergence and Disappearance of the Ius Ecclesiasticum Iudaicum in late 18th and early 19th Century Germany (22-54)

 3: David J. FINE, Towards a Positive-Historical Approach to Contemporary Issues in Jewish Law (55-69)

 4: Amos ISRAEL-VLEESCHHOUWER, Introducing Jews’ Laws through the Study of Genocide and Rape (70-108)

Section Two: Jewish Law as Humanistic Law

5: George R. WILKES, Teaching about ‘War in Jewish Law’ to Non-Lawyers in a European University Context (109-126)

6: Federico DAL BO, Legal and Transgressive Sex, Heresy, and Hermeneutics in the Talmud: The Cases of Bruriah, Rabbi Meir, Elisha ben Abuyah and the Prostitute (127-151)

7: Elisha ANCSELOVITS, Second Temple Phronetic Jewish Law (152-189)

8: Nechama HADARI, On the Halakhic Status of Coercive Treatment in the Case of Patients Suffering from Anorexia Nervosa (190-210)

ISBN 978-1-906731-29-8 (hardback), 978-1-906731-30-4 (paperback), 2016, Pp. xii + 210




Jewish Law Association Studies XXVII

Judaism, Law and Literature

Edited by Michael Baris and Vivian Liska

1: Michael BARIS, Introduction: Fire and Face – On Reading the Sacred (1-9)

Section One: Jewish Law and Literature: Theoretical Concerns

2: Elisha ANCSELOVITS, Encyclopedic Knowledge in Stories and Contextual Knowledge in Law: Rereading Akivean Exegesis of Biblical Laws and Akivean Law Codes (10-49)

3: Leon Wiener DOW, Indeterminate Midrash, Indeterminate Halakha (50-72)

4: Daniel REIFMAN, Revisiting Rob Cover’s “Nomos and Narrative”: A Semiotic Approach to Law and Narrative in the Bible (73-99)

Section Two: Scriptural Narrative

5: Bernard S. JACKSON, Law and Narrative in the Book of Ruth: A Syntagmatic Reading (100-139)

6: Efraim SAND, ‘The Disliked Wife’ (השנואה האשה) in Mesopotamia and Israel (140-205)

7: John W. WELCH,  Narrative Elements in Homicide Accounts (206-238)

8: Shai WOZNER & Gilad ABIRI, The Tree of Knowledge and the Birth of Normativity (239-251)

Section Three: Talmudic Narrative

9: Aaron ORENSTEIN, Rabbi Yehuda Ben Bava – A Pioneer Rather than a Law Breaker (252-278)

10: Yaacov SHAPIRA, Literary Means as a Tool for Halakhic Expression: Honoring Parents as a Case Study (279-307)

Section Four: The Narrative of Halacha

11: Alyssa M. GRAY, Reading Tosafot as (Law and) Literature (308-335)

12: Ron S. KLEINMAN, “This Cannot be Allowed in Israel, Heaven Forbid!” The Approach of Contemporary Israeli Rabbinical Judges to Adopting Civil Laws and Judgments on the basis of Custom, in Light of Rashba’s Responsum:  Law and Narrative (336-356)

ISBN 978-1-906731-31-1 (hardback), 978-1-906731-32-8 (paperback), 2017, Pp. viii + 356