S.M. Passamaneck, The Traditional Jewish Law of Sale, Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press, 1983, ISBN 0-87820-408-3, Pp. ii, Price: $20.00 (Monographs of the Hebrew Union College, 9). - Professor Passamaneck here provides an English translation of chapters 189-240 of Shulhan Arukh Hoshen Mishpat, i.e. hilkhot mekah umemkar and hilkhot ona'ah umekah ta'ut, preceded by an Introduction which includes a survey of previous translations of the Shulhan Arukh, and of the history of the printed editions, commencing with that of Venice 1564, printed within a decade of the completion of the work. There is also a set of Lexicographical Notes, which usefully discusses the semantic range and criteria of translation of a number of crucial technical terms: ona'ah, aharayut, asmakhta, kinyan, and a lengthy Synopsis of the Jewish Law of Sale, which introduces the issues raised in the text and puts many issues in their context, through judicious use of comparative material from Roman and Canon law. There is also a substantial set of annotations to the translation, containing references to earlier rabbinic sources. The author points out the essential intelligibility of the laws of sale to the modern reader, and the contemporary relevance of the halakhic rules on fair prices. It is to be hoped that this book will not only assist students of Jewish law, but also attract the attention of comparative lawyers. The volume is distributed by Ktav Publishing House of New York. (B.S.J.)



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