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Léon Epsztein, Social Justice in the Ancient Near East and the People of the Bible, London: SCM Press, 1986, ISBN 0-334-0233-4-3, Pp.xii, 178, Price: £7.95. - An English translation of La Justice Sociale dans le Proche-Orient ancien et le Peuple de la Bible, noted in Survey no. 1010 (JLA VI). (B.S.J.)

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Bent Rosendal, "Guds og menneskers retfærdighed hos Tritojesaja", Studier 1 Jesajabogen, ed. Bent Rosendal (Aarhus Universitetsforlag, 1989), 94-116. - A study on the conception sedeq/sedaqa in Is. 55-66. The view of the "Third Isaiah" is often characterized as anthropocentric - in opposition to the first and the second Isaiah. The author argues that tsedek/tsedaka in Trito-Isaiah too, has a mainly theocentric content, culminating in Is. 58.8, where the Lord is called the tsedek of his people. (K.N.)

Carroll Stuhlmacher, "Justice toward the Poor", The Bible Today 24 (1986), 385-390; see OTA 10/1 (1987), no.293.



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