W. Gunther Plaut, "Confidentiality and Threatened Suicide", Journal of Reform Judaism 37/4 (1990), 59-63. - The author frames a Reform responsum to a rather complicated set of circumstances involving a client, diagnosed with severe psychological disorders, who tells a counsellor that she, the client, is bringing a malpractice suit against a physician. The counsellor believes that the client's attorney would not press the suit were he to know of the client's mental condition. Should then the counselor divulge the client's medical history to the attorney? The question is complicated by the client's threat to commit suicide, were she to lose the lawsuit. After analysis of the facts of the case and reference to some halakhic authorities, the author concludes that in this particular case the counselor is not obliged or allowed to breach confidentiality. (S.M.P.)



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