The Jewish Law Publication Fund

Charitable registration number: 284738

Patron: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Woolf

Trustees: Professor M.D.A. Freeman (Chairman), Mr. David Landau (Vice-Chairman), Her Honour Judge Dawn Freedman, Rabbi Reuven Livingstone, Mr. Philip Morgenstern, Mr. Peter Ohrenstein, Mr. Sigismund Reisman, Lord Justice Rix, Professor Avrom Sherr, Mr. Romie Tager

Secretary: Professor Bernard Jackson, Hon. Consultant: Rabbi Dr Daniel Sinclair

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The Jewish Law Publication Fund was established, and granted charitable status, in 1982, its objects being "to advance public education in and research into Jewish Law and the dissemination of the useful results of such research". The main efforts of the Fund were initially to secure the continued publication of The Jewish Law Annual (supported since 1985 by the Institute of Jewish Law of Boston University School of Law) and since 1987 to assist the publication series of The Jewish Law Association, Jewish Law Association Studies, which include conference proceedings, a volume on The Halakhic Thought of R. Isaac Herzog (with a Foreword by his son, the then President of the State of Israel), and thematic volumes (see Mishpat Ivri Research Materials, below).


Teaching Materials in Jewish Law

Jewish law is now being taught in a number of US and UK law schools, but the number would increase considerably with the availability of suitable teaching materials written in English. The Fund has supported the Jewish Law Association's project for an introductory textbook on the sources of Jewish law, explaining and exemplifying the sources of each period in the context of the juridical status of the Jewish communities concerned. The book, entitled An Introduction to the History and Sources of Jewish Law, was published by Oxford University Press in 1996.


Mishpat Ivri Research Materials

A large body of published work on Jewish law written in Hebrew by the present generation of Israeli scholars is currently inaccessible to those not sufficiently fluent in Hebrew. Such work is published either in the form of monographs or in several well-established journals of Jewish law. The Fund seeks to make appropriate selections from this work accessible in the English-speaking world. The following three volume have recently been published:

Law, Judicial Policy and Jewish Identity in the State of Israel, ed. D.B. Sinclair (Binghamton: Global Academic Publishing, 2000, ISBN 1-586840-89-4; Jewish Law Association Studies, XI). This volume provides translations of leading cases on Jewish identity (Beresford, Shas, Miller, Passaro) after the Law of Return was amended in 1970 by providing a statutory definition of a "Jew". It includes an editor's Introduction and articles by A. Rubinstein, Z. Warhaftig, P. Shifman, A. Maoz and A. Shapira.

Jewish Family Law in the State of Israel, ed. M.D.A. Freeman (Binghamton: Global Academic Publishing, 2002, ISBN 1-58684-183-1; Jewish Law Association Studies, XIII). This volume carries a major debate between Pinhas Shifman and Eliav Shochetman on the merits and implications of any introduction of civil marriage in Israel, together with an essay by Ruth Halperin-Kaddari on the interaction between the civil and rabbinical courts, in the light of theories of legal pluralism. There are also essays on separation in the rabbinical courts (Michael Corinaldi), maintenance of minor children (Menashe Shawa) and the ketubah obligations of a violent and recalcitrant husband (Rabbi She'ar-Yashuv Cohen).

Jewish Biomedical Law, ed. Daniel B. Sinclair (Binghamton: Global Academic Publishing, 2005, ISBN 1-58684-261-7, hardback and paperback eds.; Jewish Law Association Studies, XV). This volume carries statutory, case-law, doctrinal and halakhic materials from Israel relating to Abortion, Assisted Reproduction, Cloning, Life-Saving Medical Therapy and Patient Autonomy, Definition of Death and Cardiac Transplants, Treatment of the Terminally Ill, Bone Marrow Donation, and Sale of Organs.

Jewish Commercial Law, Essays in Memory of George Webber, ed. Jonathan Cohen (Deborah Charles Publications for The Jewish Law Association, 2009, ISBN 978-1-906731-02-1 (hardback), 978-1-906731-03-8 (paperback), 2009; Jewish Law Association Studies, XIX). This volume carries articles on Business in Intangibles, Non-Monetary Loans, The Power of Monetary Customs to Override the Law, Market Failure, Guarantor and Debtor, Mortgage and Resale, and Negotiability in Talmudic and Gaonic Times

Full tables of contents may be found on the website of The Jewish Law Association, where ordering arrangements from the publishers, Global Academic Publishing and Deborah Charles Publications, may also be found.

Future Projects in Preparation in this series are:

A volume on Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State, ed. A. Maoz

Amongst further projects for which the trustees particularly seek support is a volume on the writings of the late Ariel Rosen-Zvi.

Publication of these projects will provide teachers for the first time with top quality material in English, directed to the study of particular areas of Jewish law, written by leading Israeli experts. It will supplement the excellent general introductions to Jewish law which have recently become available - notably, Justice Elon's monumental 4-volume Jewish Law (1994) and the Jewish Law Association's An Introduction to the History and Sources of Jewish Law (1996).

Consideration is now being given to the support of new monographs written in English on aspects of Jewish law.

The trustees will be happy to discuss these and other suggestions with potential sponsors.

Costs and Timetable

Much depends upon the size of the book and other practical matters. For an average-size volume, a budget of at least £7500 is anticipated. From the commissioning of the translation to publication one may anticipate a timetable of three years.



A dedication page in the volume will record the sponsorship, name the honoree, or dedicate the volume to the memory of the sponsor's nominee. Press releases on publication will also recognise the sponsorship.



The Fund sponsors regular lectures in Jewish Law, in collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies. Details of forthcoming lectures will be published on this page.


Other internet resources

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