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Law and Critique

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Vol.I, No.1, 1990


The Lost Temporality of Law: An Interview with Pierre Legendre (3-20)

Peter Rush, Killing me Softly with his Words: Hunting the Law Student (21-37)

Christopher Stanley, Killing them Softly with my Words?: Responding to Peter Rush (39-45). Offprint

Define and Empower: Women Students Consider Feminist Learning (47-60)

W.T. Murphy, Reference without Reality: A Comment on a Commentary on Codifications of Practice (61-80)

Costas Douzinas, Shaun McVeigh, Ronnie Warrington, Postlegality: After Education in the Law (81-98)

Anthony Beck, Educating Students to Diachrony: Heydon's Case (99-117). Offprint

Critical Legal Groups: a "Discussion" with Students (119-126)

Vol.I, No.2, 1990


Beverley Brown, Debating Pornography: The Symbolic Dimensions (131-154)

L.J. Moran, A Study in the History of Male Sexuality in Law: Non-Consummation (155-172)

Suzanne Gibson, Continental Drift: The Question of Context in Feminist Jurisprudence (173-200)

Alison Young, Of the Essential in Criticism: Some Intersections in Writing, Political Protest and Law (201-218)

Susanne Kappeler, The International Slave Trade in Women, or, Procurers, Pimps and Punters (219-235)

Cherise Cox, Anything Else is not Feminism: Racial Difference and the W.M.W.M. (237-248)

Index to Volume I (249)

Vol.II, No.1, 1991

Ewan MacLean, False Images: On the Meaning of Art Forgery (3-36)

Gerry Johnstone, Between Permissiveness and Control: Community Treatment and Penal Supervision (37-61). Offprint

Brendan Cassidy, Telling Stories about Law (63-84)

Yifat Hachamovitch, The Ideal Object of Transmission: An essay on the faith which attaches to instruments (de fide instrumentorum) (85-101)

W. Nicholas Knight, Shakespeare's Court Case 103-112

Vol.II, No.2, 1991

Costas Douzinas and Ronnie Warrington, "A Well-Founded Fear of Justice": Law and Ethics in Postmodernity (115-147)

Rolando Gaete, Postmodernism and Human Rights: Some Insidious Questions (149-170)

Piyel Haldar, The Evidencer's Eye Representations of Truth in the Laws of Evidence (171-189)

Paul Caplan, Critical Criminology: Trust Me, I'm Telling You Stories (191-205)

Peter A. Winn, Legal Ritual (207-232)

Peter Goodrich, Specula Laws: Image, Aesthetic and Common Law (233-254)

Vol.III, No.1, 1992



Rosanne Kennedy, Spectacular Evidence: Discourses of Subjectivity in the Trial of John Hinckley (3-28)

J.D. Jackson, Law's Truth, Lay Truth and Lawyers' Truth: The Representation of Evidence in Adversary Trials (29-49)

Matthew Weait, Swans Reflecting Elephants: Imagery and the Law (51-67)

Denis Flannery, The Bench and Desolation: Law, Judgement and Revenge in Henry James (69-97)

Suzanne Gibson, Law Representing Life: Reflections on Darwinian Jurisprudence (99-142)

Vol.III, No.2, 1992

Panu Minkkinen, Otherness and Difference: On the Cultural Logic of Racial Tolerance (147-167)

David S. Caudill, Lacan and Legal Language: Meanings in the Gaps, Gaps in the Meanings (169-210).. Abstract

Willy Maley, In the Tracks of British Justice: The Trial and Execution of Dennis Doolan and Patrick Redding, Irish Labourers on the Glasgow-Edinburgh Railway Line, 1841 (211-217)

Holly Cullen, Nation and its Shadow: Quebec's Non-French Speakers and the Courts (219-240)

Lindsay Farmer, What Has the Philosophy of Punishment Got to Do with the Criminal Law? (241-251)

Index to Volume III 252

Vol.IV, No.1, 1993

Renata Salecl, Crime as a Mode of Subjectivization: Lacan and the Law (3-20)

Henrietta Benveniste, Dead Body, Public Body: Notes on Death by Execution in the Middle Ages (21-42)

Ian Ward, Law and Literature (43-79)

Jerry Leonard, The Eleventh Plateau: The Lost Object(ive) of Legal Education (81-98)

Agnes Schreiner, The Retreat from Politics Or Postmodern Legislatures (99-115)

Julius Kraft, On the Methodical Relationship between Jurisprudence and Theology
(translated by Neil Duxbury) (117-123)

W.T. Murphy, The Style of the Critic (Review of Matthew H. Kramer, Legal Theory, Political
Theory and Deconstruction) (125-128)

Vol.IV, No.2, 1993


Sara Cobb, Violence Invaginated. The Semiotics of Mass Arrest in Chile (131-154)

Richard Devlin, The Rule of Law and the Politics of Fear: Reflections on Northern Ireland (155-185)

Melanie Williams, On Leaving Law School (187)

Deborah Cheney, Visual Rape (189-206)

Christopher Stanley, Sins and Passions (207-226)

Denis J. Brion, The Hidden Persistence of Witchcraft (227-252) (abstract)

Vol.V, No1, 1994

Sheila Duncan, Law as Literature: Deconstructing the Legal Text (3-29)

David S. Caudill, Social Hysteria and Social Psychoanalysis: A Response to Brion's The Hidden Persistence of Witchcraft (31-51). Abstract

S.C. Smith, The Idea of a Legal Science (53-68)

Bill Bowring, The Rule of Law as an Instrument of Oppression? Self-Determination and Human Rights (69-91)

Jeanne L. Schroeder and David Gray Carlson, The Subject Is Nothing (93-112)

Piyel Haldar, Myth-Understood (113-123)

Vol.V, No.2, 1994

Continental Legal Theory

ed. C. Douzinas, P. Goodrich and P. Rush

Alain Pottage, Recreating Difference (131-147)

Anton Schütz, Desiring Society: Autopoiesis Beyond the Paradigm of Mastership (149-164)

Emily Jackson, Imagining the Future: Drucilla Cornell's Transformations and Catharine MacKinnon's Only Words (165-174)

Louis E. Wolcher, Being Mistaken (175-207). Abstract

Nicola Lacey, Mapping Modernities (209-218). Abstract

Necati Polat, The Same and the Similar: Nihilism and Mimetic Hostility (219-239). Abstract

W.T. Murphy, Systems of Systems: Some Issues in the Relationship between Law and Autopoiesis (241-264)

Costas M. Stamatis, Justice Without Law: A Postmodernist Paradox (265-284). Abstract

Vol.VI, No.1, 1995


edited by

Eve Darian-Smith and Peter Fitzpatrick

Vikki Bell, Travelling Law: Sex, Drugs and Montesquieu (3-20)

John Strawson, Islamic Law and English Texts (21-38). Abstract

Annelise Riles, The View From the International Plane: Perspective and Scale in the Architecture of Colonial International Law (39-54)

Colin Perrin, Approaching Anxiety: the Insistence of the Postcolonial in the Declaration
on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (55-74)

Eve Darian-Smith, Rabies Rides the Fast Train: Transnational Interactions in Post-Colonial Times (75-94). Abstract

Peter Fitzpatrick, Passions Out of Place: Law, Incommensurability and Resistance (95-112)

Rolando Gaete, Rites of Passage into the Global Village (113-126)


Vol.VI, No.2, 1995


Ronnie Warrington, Three Poems (131-134)

Ronnie Warrington and Costas Douzinas, The Trials of Law and Literature (135-165)

William P. MacNeil, Living On: Borderlines - Law/History (167-191)

Ngaire Naffine, Criminal Conversation (193-207)

Marinos Diamantides, Ethics in Law: Death Marks on a "Still Life" - A Vision of Judgement as Vegetating (209-228)

Stella Swain and Andrew Clarke, Negotiating Postmodernity: Narratives of Law and Imperialism (229-256)

Ian Ward, A Kantian (Re)Turn: Aesthetics, Postmodernism and Law (257-271)

Vol.VII, No.1, 1996

Richard W. Ireland, "He Hanged Rumbold ..." : The Iconology of Judicial Partiality in the Middle Ages (3-33)

Louis E. Wolcher, The Man in a Room: Remarks on Derrida's Force of Law (35-64). Abstract

Panu Minkkinen, Right Things: On the Question of Being and Law (65-84)

Piyel Haldar, On the Question of Dissemblance in Medieval Political Theology (85-97)

Håkan Gustafsson, "As If": Behind Before the Law (99-114)

Caes Maris, The Tao of Jurisprudence (115-126)

Vol.VII, No.2, 1996

Cornelia Vismann, Cancels: On the Making of Law in Chanceries (131-151). Offprint. Abstract

Valerie Kerruish, Persons and Available Identities: Gender in Hegel's Philosophy of Law (153-172). Offprint. Abstract

William E. Conklin, The Invisible Author of Legal Authority (173-192). Offprint

Gerry Johnstone, Towards a Revised Image of Therapeutic Approaches to Crime (193-216). Offprint. Abstract

Sally Wheeler, The Corporate Way of Death (217-244). Offprint

Andrew Huxley, Shylock's Bad Karma: the Buddhist Approach to Law (245-255). Offprint. Abstract

Vol.VIII, No.1, 1997

Pierre LEGENDRE, "Introduction to the Pierre Legendre, "Introduction to the Theory of the Image: Narcissus and The Other in the Mirror", translated by Peter Goodrich and Alain Pottage from Dieu au mirroir: Etude sur l'institution des images, Leçons III (3-35) (offprint)

Thérèse MURPHY, "Feminism on Flesh" (37-59) (abstract) (offprint)

Panu MINKINNEN, "Pretexts" (61-69) (abstract)(offprint)

Alexander CERNERA LJUNGSTRØM, "The Silent Voice of Law: Legal Philosophy as Legal Thinking" (71-95) (abstract)(offprint)

Scott VEITCH, "Law and "Other" Problems" (97-109) (abstract)(offprint)


Vol.VIII, No.2, 1997

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Elena LOIZIDOU, "A Phantasmatic Moment: The Defence of In-Sanity" (115-140) (abstract) (offprint)

Angus McDONALD, "The New Beauty of s Sum of Possibilities" (141-159) (abstract) (offprint)

"Staging the Law"

Paul RAFFIELD, "The Separate Art Worlds of Dreamland and Drunkenness: Elizabethan Revels at the Inns Of Court" (163-188) (abstract) (offprint)

Ian WARD, "A Kingdom for a Stage, Princes to Act: Shakespeare and the Art of Government" (189-213) (abstract) (offprint)

David SEYMOUR, "Letter From Shylock. Reflections on my Case (Authorship attributed to Shylock "the Jew"" (215-222) (abstract) (offprint)

Christos TSAITOURIDES, "Leviathan - Moby Dick: The Physics of The State" (223-243) (abstract)

Adam GEAREY, "Finnegans Wake and the Law of Love. The Aporia of Eros and Agape (245-267) (abstract) (offprint)


Volume IX no.1, Spring 1998

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Louis E. Wolcher, "A Meditation on Wittgenstein's Lecture on Ethics" (3-35) (abstract)

William MacNeil, "Law's Corpus Delicti: The Fantasmatic Body of Rights Discourse" (37-57) (abstract)

Julie Wallbank, "An Unlikely Match? Foucault and the Lone Mother" (59-88) (abstract)

Janice Richardson, "Jamming the Machines? "Woman" in the Work of Irigaray and Deleuze" (89-115) (abstract)

Maria Aristodemou, "Law and Desire in Measure for Measure" (117-140) (abstract)




Volume IX no.2, Autumn 1998

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Margaret Davies, "The Proper: Discourses of Purity" (147-173) (abstract)

George C. Pavlich, "Political Logic, Colonial Law and the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'" (175-206) (abstract)

Leslie J. Moran and Derek McGhee, "Perverting London: The Cartographic Practices of Law" (207-224) (abstract)

Jari Kauppinen, "Law Without Place: Topology and Decision. Questions of Line and Literature" (225-248) (abstract)

Jiri Priban, "Doing What Comes Naturally, Or A Walk on the Wild Side?: Remarks on Stanley Fish's Anti-Foundationalist Concept of Law, its Closure and Force" (249-270) (abstract)